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Second generation multi-touch, wireless Mouse released by Apple on October 14, 2015. Model A1657.

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Replacing Magic Mouse 2 Lens


From your tear down instructions for the Magic Mouse 2, I can see it is a bit difficult to get to the lens.

My mouse stopped tracking pretty much on anything except glossy magazines.

I would like to try and replace the lens optics. At least the glass top in the picture below.

Is this something anyone has ever done here?

Thank you,

Block Image

Block Image

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There really is nothing you can do as the clear plastic lens piece is welded to the detector chip. Taking it off would expose the laser light source element and the sensor detector which can be easily damaged. Then if its damaged what are you planing on using? This is a custom part.

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Could this possibly be a defective sensor issue?

As in the power to the IR LED is not sufficient enough maybe and hence the detector array is unable to capture low quality reflections on a piece of paper for example?

Could it be a component issue on the either on the IR assembly or detector assembly?

So many questions. lol.

I am just curious and in the spirit of not just throwing a perfectly good mouse except the tracking issues on non-glossy surfaces like a mouse pad or A4 paper for example.


Sorry, I have no answers here.


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