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I am dueling with a A515-51G-72DB.

First time it didn’t come on after pushing power button, a blue LED started blinking, like fading. To turn it off, I had to close the laptop.

I removed the HDD, disassembled its board, cleaned inside contacts, did a battery reset, and the laptop came on.

But another problem arose days later: it didn’t come on, and the white LED stayed lit. A push on the power button turned it (the LED) off.

I then cleaned RAM contacts, installed a piece of acetate over the small switch near RAM module, opened the unit, removing cover below, removed and reinserted most flats cables, checked CMOS battery (3.2V), then the laptop started working again.

Again, after a few days, it did not turn on, blue LED blinking!!!

I then did a hard clean in RAM contacts, with a proper cleaner (maybe isopropyl alcohol., After everything was dry, reinserted RAM module. Everything is fine since then.

I am doing now various tests with and without charger; with simply closing the unit without turning it off, etc.

If the problem still occurs, I will follow to a hard repair with a hot air gadget.

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