Laptop won’t power on, disk drive making noise

Hi all,

I got a MacBook Pro in October 2008. It was going really well until 2013 when it decided one day it just wasn’t going to turn on anymore.

I took it somewhere local and got it back working. I think they replaced the battery and the keyboard and most likely something else inside (I can’t find any of the paperwork) and hurrah it worked again!

......... For a few months, then it died again and hasn’t worked since. After charging (I also bought a brand new 85W charger for it incase that was the issue) it still wouldn’t turn on so I just assumed it was done and left it in a cupboard.

However I’ve recently found it and thought I’d see if anyone knew if anything could be done to bring it back to life?

It appears to be charging (but if I remember rightly the light on the charger doesn’t go green to signify that it’s fully charged anymore) and it does attempt to boot up, but after about a second the disk drive makes a noise as if it’s accepting a disk and there’s a little beep and it stops. The screen doesn’t ever come on and all of this only takes a second or two.

I have seen similar questions on here however I’m not fluent in tech talk so any advice in simple terms or any YouTube videos anyone could point me to would be a huge help.

Thank you!


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