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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Dark screen inverter already changed, problem still alive

Where and what is the PWM exactly?

Is it a simple IC or something else?

Are there points I can measure with my multimeter?

On the primary side of the inverter I have 3,2-5-ground-12,6 volt.

Is this the right voltage?

I can't check a AC voltage over 600V.

My display only lights up one time (when I regulate from zero to first dim regulation - software) or I plug out in the inverter?

What now? Any ideas?


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it was the display (ccfl) with the new display (cost about 91euro) it works perfect


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No one here has answered you question probably we've never heard of the PWM. It's just not something we work with. As for AC voltages over 600v, your Mac runs on DC current. We're not electrical engineers.

Now if you explain what's happening with your machine and its history we can probably help you determine which part has failed and how to get it running.

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maybe there is an qualified technician here ;)

the history, first sometimes the backlight went off and then back on after a reboot or "dim" the light from level 0 to 1 or more...

now wenn i disconnect and connect inverter again between dim level 1-3 sometimes it lights up for about 1 or 2 seconds then it will be black again.

something is a little bit buzzing/whirring inside ...

any idea? ;)


Defective CCFL backlight may have the following symptoms: Screen flashes on red/pink and goes off. Picture stays on in red and slowly be come normal. Picture flickering with dim display. Picture flickering on and off. All these symptoms indicate that the LCD backlight lamp (CCFL Lamp) has reached the end of its life.

Here's my previous post on this with links on repairing the CCFLs: CCFL Backlight Repair and Information...


ok then it is definitive no dead ccfl.

which component regulate the ccfl?


the inverter make the voltage that the ccfl can start, but for dimming etc is a other component i thought?

i'm sure my inverter cable is in good condition but i will change it too.


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