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A touchscreen e-reader by Amazon with silent page-turning buttons and auto-adjusting backlight, released October 21, 2014.

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Water Damage- Touch Screen Unresponsive

Hello :) I left my Kindle Voyage in the rain (devastating)! After a few days in rice I plugged it in and turned it on. To my surprise- it turned on and lit up. However, the touch screen isn’t working. The side buttons still vibrate and work, I just can’t select a book or anything because the touch won’t work. Is this something that is fixable? Or is it gone forever? Thanks!

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if its water damage, you have to check with the professional technician, it might be due to water still exists or damage the components inside as well. they will able to clean and check with isopropyl alcohol or ultrasonic cleaner.

if you are able to open, please attach the picture.

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