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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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Right Joycon Connection/Power Issues

hi, I recently changed the housing for my switch joycons, and after installing on the right joycon, there is no power or lights working on the joycon, and it is not recognized by the switch. when I connect the joycon to the console, I see the console recognize the joycon being connected and the home button on the joycon will work, but no other buttons work and there doesn’t appear to be power in the joycon still. The power strips inside seem to be connected fine. Any ideas of what the issue could be? Any help is greatly appreciated. thank you!!!

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I have a similar problem.

For the lights, I think it’s the cable between the LEDs and the board that is very fragile. I bent it under the board so the cable would be a bit smoother. Still, I don’t understand the loss of connectivity once every couple of minutes.

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Same here. I tried replacing the battery and rail and even then it wouldn't recognize. I'm hoping it's not a bad motherboard

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