Microphone not working in one shell, works in another

I’ve a strange problem here. I had a shell from an MBP 13 A2159 with a broken logic board. I wanted to check what was good from the peripherals, so I switched a board in. Everything works except for the microphone, so I swapped the mic / audio board from the other computer. Still nothing.

Assumed that there was something up on the board, swapped the whole thing back, and the microphone now works in the original case. I’m quite confused about this - I know that there’s some security features with the T2 chip but this seems bizarre. Anyone experienced anything similar?

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While I haven't played around swapping the headphone/mic board around I don't see this as a T2 issue as the mics are analog not digital so it would be difficult to see them within the T2 security logic.


Aye, thanks for the answer Dan, I couldn't see this as a T2 issue either, just found it weird that it didn't work at all in the other case.


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