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I dropped my phone in water and pulled it out right away, will it work

It was sitting on the side of the tub and i accidentally knocked it over. It fell in the water for 5 secs and I pulled it out immediately. I immediately took everything apart and wiped all the water with a towel as best as i could. Not a lot of water had gotten in. I put it in instant rice for a couple minutes. It turned on and worked fine except the home button was unresponsive and the sound was a bit dulled. I’ve put it back in the instant rice and I’ve left it alone. What’s the chance my phone will be okay? I don’t have the money to replace it.

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Rice does nothing is a false fix. The best thing you can do is pull off the battery and don't charge it. Open it up and dry it with warm air and clean the connectors with a qtip and alcohol. If it gets water in it and you dry it or fix it it might work for years or for an hour. Repair shops won't repair water damaged phones except to get data from them. Once they are wet they are unreliable and most of the time not repairable. Once water hits that with voltage running through it corrosion starts immediately. Try to unhook power and dry it and clean it but you have to open it up.

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