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Deleted Mac OS. Left with Windows. Recovery not working


So I’ve made quite a mistake and accidentally deleted the Mac OS from my Mac during a boot camp and I’m left with just windows now. The recovery mode is not working now and it boots right into windows. I have a time machine backup.

Can someone please advise what to do. I need to get Mac OS back. I don’t mind if I lose windows.

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is the hard drive still partitioned ? if so make a bootable usb for mac os when done plug the usb in the imac shut it restart press and hold the option key and boot from the usb


@lbsocal12 No it has deleted the Mac partition. So it’s only windows. Pressing option does nothing now as it’s running the windows OS. Please advise what to do


try to make a new partition on windows with the apple file system and see if you can then hit the options button after



I don’t know much about windows. How can I do this?


unfortunately i do not have a windows computer to look at the best option would be to look at a youtube video id love to help i just do not have a windows pc atm


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Hi all.

I found a fix! It was not malware or any such.

So if you every accidentally reset Windows from the Windows boot camp it will install a non-boot camp version of Windows so you won’t have any of the options to switch between the operating systems but I found a way to get back to Mac OS.

In Windows open settings and search for “boot” Then press advanced boot and then press restart. Once your into the advance boot there should be a few options to chose from, one of which is booting from a USB. Select that and make sure you have no USBs plugged in. There should be a drive with no name just an icon. Select that one and then hit enter and in my case that booted me right back into Mac OS. Seems like it was a back door into Mac OS.

Hopefully this helps anyone else!

On the boot camp I was running Windows 10 and on my Mac I was running Catalina and my computer is a 2019 27” iMac

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Interesting! I'll need to check this out the next time I get one in.


There is no usb boot option


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You should still have the hidden recovery partition. Are you sure you can’t get to it? You may need a USB keyboard if you have a Bluetooth keyboard. About macOS Recovery

If you can’t get to it you’ll need to install macOS from the internet! How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery

Since you have a TimeMachine backup drive you can also try to boot up under it, with the drive connected, restart your system and press the Option (⌥) key that will get you to the Startup Manage so you can select the external as your boot drive Mac startup key combinations

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Hi Dan. Even internet recovery isn’t working nor holding down option on boot. What should I do now? What would happen if I removed windows from the computer so there was no OS or recovery boot? What would happen?


Nope that won't work! What you are telling me is the EFI partition of the drive and/or the EFI its self has been corrupted!

Its time to visit an Apple Store! Hopefully your AppleCare is still good or you've got AppleCare+ support contract.

Whats happened is you got hit with a Windows Malware which attacked your EFI firmware. This is how a ransomware attack works!


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