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I cant get the computer to turn on

Me and my brother were going through our grandmas storage building and found her old iMac. I pulled it out and I have been trying to get it to start but it won’t turn on. Any ideas would be helpful because I’ve always wanted to look around on an old computer and now I have the chance. I have it plugged in and the original keyboard and mouse that they got. Thank y’all for any help you can give.

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Hi @chucktheduck

Are there any power or display or beeps?


@salmonjapan no there is nothing but the blank screen no noise or anything and I have pressed the power button and held it for 10-20 seconds.


for the power button when you press, is there any LED lights lighted for a moment?


@salmonjapan there are no lights or anything



sounds like there is a power supply issues.

you might need to open it up to check.

take caution when opening, as crt can store some amount of voltages even it is off.


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First thing to do is replace the PRAM battery. It’s a 3.5 volt 1/2 AA. You can see it in the teardown on step #11 of this guide, it’s purple and black (the replacement does not have to be the same color).

iMac G3 Model M5521 Teardown

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