Why is my computer dead and not taking any charge?

Hi guys I want to give you as much detail as I possibly can.

Device: acer aspire e5 575g

Cpu: Intel i5 7200u 2.5ghz 7th gen

Gpu: Nvidia gtx 950M

Power supply: 19v at 4.74 amps 90w

Board model: Zaa x32 (zaaa) DZAAMB16E0 REV:E

Problem: when I plug my power supply to my laptop I get no indication that it is charging (leds not illuminating).

What I have checked:

With a multimeter.

  1. Power supply is working correctly.
  2. Charging port is giving power to the board.
  3. Tried a bios reset button
  4. Tried removing bios battery and draining the system then trying again. still no life.
  5. Checked for anything getting hot (only heat came from small surface of cpu chip)
  6. Tried powering up with only cpu, ram and power supply. Still dead.

Can someone help me diagnose my board or give me a link to a .brd file for my board.

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