A1342 battery not recognized

I was trying to revive an old Macbook white unibody which was forgotten in my house after fail years ago.

I managed to turn it on, here is where the weird things begin:

- The power button in the keyboard just gone, I found the power up pinpoints

- The mac need to have both battery and magsafe plugged in to power up. If one of them is disconnected, no power up at all.

- The mac need to have enough energy in the battery, because it use this power (not form magsafe) to boot. If you disconnect the magsafe after the "the gong", the mac boot normally, but, if you disconnect the battery, even with the magsafe plugged in, the mac just turn off.

I discovered this, swapping the battery from another mac.

- At the moment to enter to the operating system, the mac switch the internal power source from battery to magsafe, and no recognize the battery anymore... just the X in the bar. If the magsafe is disconnected, the mac go to sleep until the magsafe is plugged in back.

Clearly, we are in presence of power management control problem, because the motherboard is able to receive energy from both power sources but it is unable to manage them properly..

SMC reset and NVRAM was performed with the other mac keyboard..

Any tip or hint?

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