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2 bits Stuck together, how I can remove them?

I was assembling my project with a screwdriver bit with the new drill, I used the drill adapter, but it was soo strong, now the 2 bits, the 1/4 to 4mm and the square key is stuck inside the adapter, how I can separate them again?

Update (06/26/2020)

Here's how my bit is stuck now

Block Image


Block Image


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Spray a bit of WD40 into the gaps to help in lubricating the surfaces use a vise grip plier to hold onto the driver bit and another on the shaft that fits into the drill. Slowly torque the shaft left and right to help in getting the WD40 deeper into the gaps. Once you feel you’ve gotten enough in now pull them apart using the vise grips.

If that fails post a picture of what you’ve got now assuming you got one part off.

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But i dont have a vise grip plier...


You'll need a means to hold the parts as the inner bit is jammed and the socket is not a proper fit for the bit (mixing metric with english measured bits/parts). You'll need to twist the bit counterclockwise from the socket part. This will require the locking pliers and/or a bench vise to gain enough torque to break the jam besides WD40 to lube the part. Be careful you don't go too far! As you'll then need pull the bit outwards.



Ill try , if i find someone who has a vise to unjam these together, soo i can have them re-usable.


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