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laptop doesnt power on and no charger indicator when adapter connected

27th night just finished using my laptop, was playing a bit of valarant and after i was reading an ebook. turn off my laptop, head to bed.

wake up next morning my laptop doesnt turn on

(i looked at the charging port)

i noticed that my laptop charging indicator wasn’t on, i was confused why that wasnt on, and i also was confused why my laptop was out of battery

i pretty much use my laptop like a desktop its always connected to the wall i don’t every disconnect the charger unless i move it around

first i tried the press the power button for 30 seconds and connect

i tried the reset push pin button and powered on

those methods didn’t work

note that my laptop was connected to the charger the entire night, which is connected to a Belkin surge protector which is on 24*7 powering the laptop charger along with my monitor, smart clock and WiFi modem (the three on the later are working fine)

i tried calling a support center, they presume its a motherboard fault, i think its highly unlikely since its been only 4 months since i bought this without incident,

due to the pandemic its pretty much impossible for them to ship me a replacement part for repair,

I am in a work from home situation and i really cant wait the lock down and need a fix ASAP and i cant ship my machine to them nor get them to send me anything

so im here, thank you in advance to reading this and helping me out

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It could be motherboard damage and that you moved it too much while the wire was still in. This means that the power jack pushed the motherboard and put too much strain on it. if you can, open up the laptop and see if the motherboard is broken. If not, it is most likely the power jack which is an inexpensive part to buy (under £10/15) and you can repair yourself with a soldering iron and some desoldering wick or can have the work done by any independent repair store however the latter can cost up to £80-100

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the laptop is still covered in warrenty so im going to take it to a lenovo repair center coming monday, is there any chance this could cause any damage to the SSD inside the laptop?


No it shouldn’t if it has only snapped near the power jack as the ssd is in a completely different location


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