Black screen even after changing bluetooth chip

I have a Wii that until recently was working fine. Had BootMii installed, booting from SD card. One day it stopped working - it would show the BootMii screen, but when it was supposed to load the home screen, I got just a black screen. Without the SD card, it would go straight to the black screen. Never got to the “health warning” screen.

I can go from BootMii to the Homebrew Channel, but I can’t load anything from it (black screen again).

I tried unplugging all the adapters, leaving everything unplugged for a few minutes, and trying again; this didn’t change anything.

I tried recovering the NAND from a backup in the SD card; this didn’t change anything.

I ordered a new bluetooth module, disassembled the Wii, and replaced the module; this didn’t change anything.

At this point I’m not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?

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The other thing that happens sometimes is that with either the old or the new bluetooth chip, pressing the power button does nothing - it stays red, and if I keep it pressed, it does a clicking noise. By removing the card, it boots, but it goes to the black screen as usual. I suppose it's not very likely that the old bluetooth chip failed and the one I just bought is also failed?


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