iPhone 4 white screen after reassembly

I tried to re-insert the 5-flex thingies back in place, no help.

I opened my iPhone 4 solely to repair the jammed repair button but I think it is totally messed up now.

I don't have any apple store near me so that is not an option.

First of all the logic board doesn't totally fit in the phone. I can't close the back casing.

I can see a VERY VERY small part of the screen (still white, like washed out) when I double click the home button. I can barely see the washed icons and the iPod menu when i scroll to the left.

Also I want to say that at first I had a hard time re-inserting the logic board and a very tiny piece of aluminium foil went inside near the headphone jack.

I don't know what to do and I don't have much time.


I am running a restore on DFU mode right now. I will edit to tell what happens

Edit: still the same.

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