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Keyboard/cover for the iPad Pro, announced September 9 and launched mid November 2015. Model A1636.

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Not recognizing my keyboard. Will recognize another.

Any ideas as to why my smart keyboard isn’t being recognized all the time? I borrowed a friends and it works just fine. Not the iPad pro 10.5 issue. Possibly a problem with the magnets in the keyboard? It works sporadicly. Don’t want to replace if I don’t have to spend the money. Any advice would be great.

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Hi! It’s seems that is a construction building problem on the Smart Keyboard that Apple doesn’t fix, and still sell it until now anyway. So if somebody haven’t had the problem yet, it’s just like a matter of time to start to have some headaches with the Keyboard. The Keyboard problem is that as long passes the time, it starts to oxidize/corrode and also the three pins (the middle one specifically) goes down and doesn’t stay at same high level that the other ones, causing to not connect properly with the iPad. The way to fix this problems requires some time and paciency (it’s not hard but also not so easy). I suggest you to watch this video and follow his steps:


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I know that this is is not really an answer, but are there any other keyboards compatible with the Smart Keyboard with respect to the physical connector? I have 2 non/randomly functional Smart keyboards that I would love to replace with something more reliable.

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