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Portable tablet computer released in July 2017. Has an 8" display , 2GB memory, and 16GB storage. Identified by model number TB-8504F.

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I broken my tablet screen from the inside

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I broken my tablet screen because i was angry.. (with my knee). I feel so bad right now and i dont wanna parents to notice. Is it still fixable? The screen is black with cracks and there are few lines from lock screen. Its new tablet that my parents gave me. Can I fix it by my self? Because i don't know where is repairing shop. If i need to buy something (part etc.) Please tell me what and i will save money for it.

Version is Lenovo M8 aka Lenovo Tab 4 8

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@fxrpe ... please give the model number of your device and we can assist you in the right direction.


Im not sure what is the model, im in trqin now.

Ill tell you later.


whenever you find your model number, google that along with screen replacement and youll find the part needed to install. then, you can google or youtube how to replace your screen by using the same model number and how to *.


@jostewcrew I can't find any screen online that I can buy and replace. I can't find either how to replace it. By the way, the model is Lenovo M8 (Lenovo Tab 4 8) .


I have the same problem but with a surf 7" onn tablet gen 2 with android. please tell me what I can do to fix it.


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here are two solutions for you for your tb-8504f… the first option is for if you only damaged the top layer of the screen. youll want to tear down the unit ( videos linked) and then test the layer under neath for functionality. if it is damaged, solution 2 will replace both the top and bottom layer of the screen. again, video is linked. good luck.

replacement of digitizer screen only:



replacement of digitizer and lcd panel:



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