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Identifying OEM iPhone X/Xr Screens?


At my shop we have a couple of broken aftermarket screens that we are looking to RTV with OEM ones that come in for replacement. I know that on the iPhones up to the 8, it was easy to identify if it was OEM or not because of the Apple logo at the top right of the back of the screen. I do not see any markings on any of the iPhones after that. Does anyone have a good way of identifying OEM screens on the new gen phones?

Thank you,


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As far as looking at the screen itself I’m not sure, but if you have a device to try it on just hook the two connectors attached to the lcd assembly and start the device. If it’s not a genuine Apple part it will say it as such in the notifications and also in the settings menu.

You do not need to move the front flex assembly over you can just Frankenstein the new screen on


@Charlie Yarbrough Thanks for the reply! As far as I know, I have only seen those "non genuine" notifications on the Xs and up. I've replaced hundreds of X/Xr's with aftermarket screens and have never seen that notification. Unless theres a specific section in the settings similar to when you install an aftermarket battery?


@n0v0 you are indeed correct, i misread your title but I believe it shows up as a notification in the general setting. It’s either there or under the display setting.

But I’m pretty sure you’re correct and it’s only the Xs and later


@Charlie Yarbrough This is definitely something I'll have to look into. Thank you for your help!


@n0v0 no problem! I don’t have any X’s at my shop today so I’m sorry I couldn’t verify it for you


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that’s all I know

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Ever since I learned to do the new generation models (iPhone X and up) I had just figured that the LCD panel was part of the display. I never considered taking it off and checking there. Thank you so much!


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