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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Green light, Fan spin BUT NO DISPLAY OR POWER

I have a MacBook Air A1466 2013 model. When I put the charger in the green light shows. The fan also starts to spin once I press the power button but I get no display and no power up. Can anyone help me please

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We will need some history on your mac. Are you sure it is not booting? Have you shone a torch on the screen to make sure it is not the backlight?


I tried the torch on the back and it is not the backlight. It just won’t boot. It was my sisters and she says one day it just turned off and never turned on again. So not much help there.


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If the fan is spinning and there is no image or chime it’s not a good sign. If you haven’t got another shell to test the screen I would try the following.

·         Check for liquid damage on both sides.

·         Do a PRAM/NVRAM reset.

·         Insert a bootable USB drive with a light and see if it gets activity by the light flashing if it doesn’t it would point to CPU.

·         Disconnect the battery and connect magsafe.

·         Disconnect all flex cables on the board except the 6 pin power cable and connect magsafe.

I have found with this model it’s usually a dirty Bios file or faulty CPU if the above don’t help. Most likely CPU but you would need a reputable repair shop to confirm.

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I have the exact same problem and the same mid-2013 Macbook Air 1466 EMC 2632, MagSafe plugged in first green for a few second and then orange when it is charging as normal. The fan spins but no life anywhere else screen is black, when I reset the NVRAM the MagSafe led switches to green for a couple of seconds and then goes back to orange, Caps lock does nothing as someone said to see if it light up when pressed. I have removed the PCIe SSD and ordered an adaptor to hopefully fit an M.2 card does anyone know will any M.2 card work with these adaptors? I wish someone would find an easy fix for this MacBook. It has sat for over a year now and just decided to try and get it sorted, they were not cheap and it is something I just don’t want to toss in the bin.

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Paul - I would hold off with your SSD change out as you have other issues here.

Let's backup a bit here. You talk about the Magsafe LED being Amber, does it ever get to Green? If not then you need a new battery!


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