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This is the Moto G7 Play, which is one of the G7 series. The model numbers are XT1952-3 and XT1952-2, depending on carrier/region. Colors offered for this device are Deep Indigo and Starry Black.

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Are the Models Xt1952-2 and XT1953-1 compatable?

I have a broken screen on my Model XT1952-2. The parts are hard to find and was wondering if all the XT1952 models are compatable.

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So the answer section below is not working but I can tell you that the xt1952-1 is NOT COMPATIBLE with the xt1952-2...I simply ordered a G7 Play screen thinking all would be well...it is not. The motherboard and lower logic board (charging port) do not fit...wish I'd have read a little more before purchasing.


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See my comment above. I don’t know about the 1953-1 (did you mean to type 1952-1?) screen compatibility but the 1952-1 is not compatible with the 1952-2. What I did was order the LCD only and the fix was actually really straightforward.

I know most are afraid to mess with LCD only repairs but this one was cut and dry: Power off, heat up with a iOpener or hairdryer, and remove with razor blade/spudger. The only advice I have is to be aware of the thin gasket that seals the space between the LCD and the phone.

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