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Repair guides and disassembly information for Apple's 7th generation iPad. Released September 25, 2019. Model numbers: A2197, A2200, and A2198.

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iPad 7 LCD Screen Digitizer - Protective cover for Inside?

I am working on replacing an iPad 7 screen using iPad 7/8 Screen Digitizer

The problem is the cables were taped inside, but I see no protective cover on the inside glass. This left residue that is quite difficult to clean. I only see two protective strips, one at the top and one at the bottom that are big enough to cover the borders for the home button and camera.

There are blatant red tabs to remove the protective cover on the front of the glass and the two inside pieces at the top and bottom. Am I missing something or is this how the part comes?

iPad 7/8 Screen Digitizer Изображение


iPad 7/8 Screen Digitizer


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Too add on to my problem. I see the circle of black dots in the corner (in the 2nd picture with the red tabs the circle in the bottom right corner) is not part of the front protective film/cover. Is this on a protective film/covering on the inside or is it part of the replacement screen?

The red tabs (as in the 2nd picture of the part) only peel off the sections at the top and bottom; those pieces are only as tall as the red tabs.

*edit* Had stated it was the 3rd picture. Actual picture is 2nd picture with the red tabs.


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Ok, mystery was solved. If you purchase this replacement digitizer there IS a protective film on the inside of the screen. It is kind of hard to find especially if you are wearing gloves. You need to gently rub your fingernail across the bottom right of the glass until the film reveals itself to you. After that just peel across and the upwards until it is removed.

Block Image

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I that picture it has a protective cover over the inside of the digitizer.

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The picture showing the red tabs at the top and bottom? On the one I received the protective film is only as tall as those red tabs; it's two pieces just covering the home button and camera hole, I cannot find anything actually covering the portion you'd see the LCD through.


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