Why does my internet connection keep dropping?

I have been having internet issues on my old phone (Samsung J5) where it continuously drops the WiFi connection (we have a Virgin Media hub and an extender so 2 WiFi connections), neither one shows up consistently when my phone is scanning for networks and then when it does manage to connect, they disconnect within a few minutes or it connects but says ‘Connected, no internet’. I figured it was because the phone was so old, so I’ve bought a new one (Moto G6 play) and the exact same thing is happening with this one! Everyone else in my house has an iPhone and has had no internet issues so I’m a bit stumped, can anyone help?

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Hi @ncw28 ,

Does it do this when used as close as possible to the WiFi router?

Is the phone in a protective case? If so does it do this when not in the case?

if someone else uses your phone does it happen with them as well? Only half joking, asking about this


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