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The Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 is a semi-rugged laptop designed to be dust, spill, and drop resistant. It is intended for professionals on the move and it was first introduced in 2011. It is a very modular in design allowing for easy replacement of damaged parts making some repairs extremely simple.

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I want to recell the laptop battery, new replacement expensive.

I wish to re-cell the CF-53 battery as purchasing a new one is just too expensive. Can anyone advice on how I should go about this exercise.

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Hello, just accidently jumped in this forum, and felt like i should share my experience here too.

So i used Panasonic CF53 for couple of years no issues so far, but the battery life at some point started to feel like pain in the *ss. Came to decision to re-cell it with the Panasonic 18650 cells over 3000mah i have left from some other projects. Long story short, yes it is possible to replace all o these 9 cells and bring battery pack back to life as i did, but the problem on the way to that you're going to face is no way to properly dismantle it and put it back together nicely as the plastic cover is really thin and difficult to work with.

So in the end of the day it looks like kind of Frankenstein but gets the job done very well. P.S. who's gonna see it except you it's under the cover.


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@antanaspet92514 did you have any issues with the battery being locked or having to clear any data on the charge controller?


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Norman Stuart  .. open plastic casing, take note of how the series is soldered together. buy replacement cells via google. solder them in series to match the old, resolder circuit board, place back in case, seal case.

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Many of my friends and clients think their Toughbook Battery Pack is no longer working properly.

But there is a "Utility" built-in every modern Panasonic Toughbook called Battery Recalibration.

It is model specific, but if you run this utility over and over at least five (5x) times, you will be able to

"Re-condition" your Toughbook Battery Pack and build-up the capacity of the battery pack.

As an example, if you have a battery pack that lasts 15 minutes, you may be able to condition it

back up to 45 minutes or maybe a little bit longer. To the best of my knowledge, only Panasonic out of all the

manufacturers offer this utility. Don't be skeptical, try this. It really works. And best of all, the utility comes

for FREE with every Panasonic Toughbook model. Except for your time. And you will not risk rebuilding a

battery pack and having it "explode" on you. LOL Good Luck from Richard, Montreal Based Panasonic Canada

Authorized Dealer since 1989.

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Hello Richard,

I am a laptop battery service tech in South Korea. I normally deal with Samsung, LG, Dell, and Hp. However, I'm getting a few service calls for Panasonic Toughbook and Let's note models.

I tried to replace old-run-down cells with new ones and reset data as other brand laptop batteries. But I could not read any data from Panasonic batteries and after replacing cells, the laptop is not able to charge battery, flashing the red LED.

Have you had this experience?

- Jim Kim from South Korea


Hey Jim Kim did you ever figure this out?


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