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The M3D Micro is an affordable 3D printer that comes in a small compact size.

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How do I get my computer to recognize the device?

Recently, my printer started acting weird and saying that it couldn’t be recognized by my computer. I don’t know what happened, but when I plug in both the printer cable and power cable, the fan turns on, but then the error message displays in the bottom right corner. Any suggestions?

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Hi @themontanaman ,

Have you tried a different printer cable or USB port on the computer?

What OS is installed in the computer, Win, Mac, Linux?

If Win (which one Win10, 8.1, 7 etc) I may be able to help further, if the others then I don't know.


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If you’re trying to use your printer and run into problems, here are some steps for common printer problems to try to get things working again.


Please do keep updating, thank you!

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