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What is the A1260 airflow path, esp. for the NVIDIA graphics chip?

Would someone please describe or illustrate the airflow paths through the A1260 (Early 2008 15” MacBook Pro), especially for the NVIDIA graphics chip? To help me choose the best laptop cooling contraption for saving the chip. I just bought a used A1260 before learning of the defective NVIDIA issue and so would like to try to prevent it. Thank you.

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Sorry there just isn’t any air flow diagrams for the internals. Apple does not offer them and I don’t know of anyone who has made the effort to properly test and create any drawings.

Even still we can use some common sense! The air enters from the center rear grill area going across the logic board and then sucked out by the fans from both bottom and top sides of the logic board

Block Image

Sorry to say there really isn’t anything you can do. The issue you are facing is within the chips design. NVIDEA used a flip chip design which at the time was a very new method! The solder they used as well as some mishandling of the carrier part. NVIDIA used a high Tin content solder which tends to acquire tin whiskers which shorts connections internally of the chip as well as fractured solder joints. To add to that the logic board to chip solder also tended to fail as well.

What you run on the system is more of a factor! the least amount of graphical work will help! As you don’t want to push the GPU chip running anything heavy for graphics like no videos or games! So writing is about it, sorry.

If you can I would return it ASAP to get your money back!

The last issue you face is the age of this system can put you at risk if you get on the internet. Apple has long since stopped maintaining the Older OS-8, OS-9 or even the early OS-X releases this system used. Assume anything on your system is exposed! Pictures, email or social network and bank account info! You also run the risk of being infected by a virus or malware.

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Excellent info, thanks! I had no idea it was tin whiskers -- the internet led me to think it was heat. Whereas tin whiskers are electron flow -- as you say, the only mitigation is less use.

Still, I am keeping it. The reasons I selected it it remain: it is the last, best MacBook that can run 10.6 and drive analog video. And, is cheap on eBay. So, if the NVIDIA ever goes bad, then I can just replace the whole machine. Until I no longer need 10.6 or analog video.

For security I use both firewalls, incoming (apfw + my own ruleset) and outgoing (LittleSnitch), curated hosts file (MVPS), antivirus (Avast), NoScript Firefox extension, drive/firmware/dmg encryption, airgapped backup, etc. -- 13 years with no issue. A couple websites have gone SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP, but I rarely need them, and then I can dual-boot into 10.10 (or 10.13 with hacks apparently...but I can't stay in 10.10 because Apple inexplicably chose to omit the driver for the Apple DVI to Video Adapter after 10.8.) Or maybe Linux....


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