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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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MBPr 15" - Display Gasket damage suggestions?

The display gasket on my MBPr 15” tore slightly just over the webcam while opening the laptop up. This is unfortunately a fairly big deal for two reasons: 1 This is the computer I use to show clients updates & finished product in person so I make a point to keep it clean and baby it as if it were a floor model, and 2, this is my only laptop! So I am fairly crushed about this, especially considering how seriously powerful these still are today due to Moore’s Law.

Has anyone ever repaired or replaced a gasket on one of these machines? As I show in the images, it’s just a small bit that’s broken off, and it sort of sticks back on but with an unappealing crease; Is there perhaps a glue or epoxy that would be able to fill in the creasing and stick the original part on, or fill in the spot?

Any constructive advice/opinion would be seriously appreciated; given the laptops age and value, it wouldn’t make sense to bother buying a new screen and swapping it given that they range 300-400 USD, so it would make sense to buy a newer model in good shape for demo purposes. It would be quite a shame to have to give up on this system over such a seemingly tiny issue!

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You probably shouldn’t bother.

I have yet to see anyone successfully disassembling an older generation Retina MacBook display. It seems someone is able to do it for the newer Touch Bar model, but I don’t see any success story with older gen.

Maybe you could try to pull them out and tuck a new set in, however I believe this may also cause some cosmetic damage. Since cosmetics is the whole point, I believe this is beyond normal help.

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I agree! Its not enough to even try! I should add the gasket is just not available as a spare and even finding a salvaged one is just not likely any more.

Here's a good teardown of a retina display its not easy and even the newer Fn & TB displays are not any easier MacBook Pro Retina Display Teardown

If presentation is really important I would recommend getting a large screen iPad, I have an iPad Pro which I show my work (photographer/museum/theater backdrops as well as large lobby photo murals) with a projector.


I’ve done a bit of research and it seems like rubber gasket replacement is a thing but it’s niche and challenging. I haven’t found much info on it or a part; I’d likely leave this to a pro repair shop. My hope is that since the broken off bit is still a good fit and even sort of sticks back on, that there’s a matte/black epoxy or something that’s nimble enough to fill that small seam between the gasket and the broken off part without looking like a tacky diy glue job. In theory this should be very doable but I have poor knowledge in this area


I really don't recommend it! The rubber is silicone rubber so you would need something that adheres to it and is flexible.

After fully cleaning the surfaces and masking it off you could use something like this Sil-Poly adding a black pigment to it.


I’m quite curious to see what others have to say though I appreciate you sharing your perspective and thoughts. The tape off and apply method with a silicone seems pretty interesting given how little is actually needed and how little there is to lose trying. I will do more research and see how cleanly this could be applied with a meticulous hand/small tool, and if there’s a black pigmented silicone. Will update if I go this route


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