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Simple to use 35 mm manual focus SLR camera. Model number X-370.

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The shutter speed dial selector is a little stuck...why?


with the cold/wet weather the shutter speed selector tends to stuck a little...why?. Also, how can I fix it?....do I need to use some lube?


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Grit and skin oils can jam things up!

Use a cotton swab (Q-Tip) damp with 85% isopropyl alcohol wipe the edge of the wheel top and bottom and use a clean one to wipe up any spillage.

Then use another clean cotton swab spray a little WD40 on to it (don’t soak it!!) just damp, run it around the wheel.

That should fix things!

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I have the same problem with a fujica st801. Wd40 dont work tho..any other solution before i send it for repair


@tommyreflex - Sounds like something deeper is going on. Did you get the camera wet? Lake/Sea or Rain water or did you spill a drink or food.

At this point you’ll need to take the top cover off so you can take the part off to clean more effectively.

It might be wise to find someone with deeper camera repair skills.


No Dan. It's gonna sound weird, but it's new. Yeah, 45 years old camera that looks like it's never been used. But the dial was moving, i tried all the fonctions when i bought it.


@tommyreflex - Maybe that’s why it sat 😟

Even still where it was stored could have effected things. Like the lubricants drying out to the point they act more like glue or just sticky.

Time to open it up, do you have the tools and skills? You might want to look for the repair manual online for guidance or seek out someone who knows how to open it up.


Thanks Dan.

Noo, i dont have the tools, and no skills either. Lol

I would say mechanics are not my thing.

I will bring it to a specialist.

Do you think it's complicated task to get to this Shutter speed dial mechanism. It Might just need lubrication.


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