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Third generation of the Fitbit Charge fitness tracker series.

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Fitbit charge 3 doesnt appeared in bluetooth list of device

Hi, my fitbit charge 3 doesnt appeared in the list of bluetooth device. I ve already clear all bluetooth device, update my ios, reboot my charge 3. What can i do to solve this problem?

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Was it working before?


yes, but then im not using it for 3 months because i wear another watch, just recently i wnt to wear it back, this problem occur


Tried to install the app indicated by the manufacturer. Because bluetooth is just to connect the devices, the functions are only in the app.


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See the procedure described here to reset the device Bluetooth pairing: https://community.fitbit.com/t5/Charge-3...

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tried all the suggestions but no sync.

my phone, samsung s7 is compatible.

set up device from app > response is “can't connect”

set up via phone Bluetooth > sees tracker but can't connect. suggests checking Charge 3 settings.

Been there, done that.

no longer under warranty.

now what?

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