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Google's third-generation Pixel-branded smartphone, and their first "notched" phone. Comes with a 6.3" QHD+ OLED display and 64 or 128 GB of storage. Available in Nearly White, Just Black, or Not Pink.

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Replacement back panel coming off

I replaced my back panel several weeks back with a kit purchased from ifixit. Followed all directions from the walk through and general steps from multiple other sites .

Within 24 hours the sides and edges are starting to come up and within a week the whole back panel wants to come off completely.

Each time I removed the adhesive and used the leftover from the supplied adhesive provided in the kit to re-apply.

Each time, same thing. I tried this 3 sperate times…

I even tried heating the phone and adhesive up before and during applying it. I also used clamps and left them for 12+ hours to insure a seal.

I feel the adhesive is bad but want your thoughts before I reach out to support.

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You must use little of b8000 in the corners

just a little to see if there is a difference

the problem is if you use too much of the glue may be difficult to open the phone other time

but just a little because the glue is very powerful

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