Front Camera, Rear Camera, and Flash not working after camera swap

Hello all,

I recently had a long night out and woke up to a broken screen and earpiece speaker on my iPhone X. Keep in mind, I previously had an aftermarket camera from since the OEM one was torn due to a poorly-adhered battery.

Regardless, before I replaced the screen, I noticed that the front camera wasn’t working again, and I assumed it would be the same issue. Keep in mind, at this time both the rear camera and flash were working.

After the screen/earpiece replacement, I now have no front camera, rear camera, and flash. I have tried reseating all the connectors, hard resetting the phone, have tried disconnecting certain components listed above, and even completely reset the phone to no avail. I have seen some videos online saying to jump some of the wires on the board by the camera connectors, which would be my next step but at the moment I do not have the equipment to do so.

Does anyone have any recommendations for this?



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