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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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NEN AV7 capacitor replacement

One capacitor on my MacBook Air 2013 is defective and I need to replace it. It’s code is NEN AV7.

I found a new capacitor but with code NEE AV7. Can I use it to replace the defective one?

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How about posting a few pics, one the area and one zoomed in on the cap in question so we can try to identify it from a boardview drawing.

Also, is the system working currently or not, as well as if you are having any difficulties.



The component on the logic board 820-3437 is indicate as C7143.

It’s part of PPVBAT_G3H_CHGR_REG.

The capacitor C7143 (coded on the surface as NEN AV7) has the following characteristics: 62uF, 0.023 OHM, 20%, 11V, tant-poli, case B2S-1.

My question is if the NEE AV7 which I found has the same characteristics. I believe so, but I’m not sure


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You have the correct values so you should be fine.

Block Image

Here’s a link to the product guide NEC Token Tantalum Caps

Here’s the breakdown of the codes for these caps

Block Image


NE = NeoCapacitor and the Letter C = 2013 date code

AV7 - is the value of the capacitor

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Appreciated your fast reply! Thanks a lot!


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