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Apple's successor to the 30-pin dock connector. This cable has been bundled with most Apple mobile products since 2012-2021

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How do I restore the lightning connector surface when it wears down?

I frequently have lightning connectors that don"t reliably connect to an ipad or iphone and it seems like the surfaces of the connector are worn down. Is there a way to restore the surface to make a reliable connection again?

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Sadly you really can undo the damage. This gets into the handling and storage of the cable.

Don’t touch the connector ends with dirty hands the grime and acids/salts in your sweat can damage the finish and the grit will act like sandpaper. Use a isopropyl alcohol wipe cleaning the ends when they become soiled.

As for storage I recommend a simple sailers coil method as outlined here The trick to coiling lines Unlike a rope we don’t tie it off, instead a velcro loop tie is used. You don’t want to knot the cable just a simple round coil, held by the velcro tie.

Use a Nylon mini stuff sack or Rugged plastic pouch to hold your cables.

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Good afternoon Bill!

Over time lightning cables can lose their effectiveness if the contacts are dirty/worn off. If the gold contacts are still present on the cable, you can use some high concentration (I use 99%) ISO alcohol to clean them. If the contacts are gone, its sadly time for a new cable. Also sometimes your charge port can have some debris in it. If your charging cable does not go in all the way and make that wonderful “click” sound then you can take a toothpick and CAREFULLY scrape the port away from the contacts. If you do this, please be very careful with the contacts as to not bend them. I hope this helps!


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