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Repair and disassembly guides for the tenth generation Ford Thunderbird.

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Why is my electric fan not working cannot find a in-line fuse or relay

Why is my electric fan not working cannot find a in-line fuse or relayWill work if I jump straight to battery

Update (09/27/2020)

1997 3.8l v6

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@chilly5065 does not sound like a fan issue per se but whatever makes the fan turn on. You should have a temp sensor that may have failed and thus won’t turn your fan on. Let us know the exact year and engine size of your T-bird

Update (09/27/2020)

check the temperature sensor. It has a 3 wire connector attached to it and is located on the lower intake manifold.

Block Image

Update (09/27/2020)

to test why the fan isn’t coming on, you will need to access the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM), located under the air cleaner unit by the passenger side headlamp. Check for battery voltage on the Black/Orange (BK/OR) wires. Power from there comes from under the hood fuse #5 (60 amp).

Disconnect the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), and turn the ignition switch on to verify activation of the low speed cooling fan relay which sends power out of the CCRM on the Dark Blue (DB) wires to feed the fan motor.

To verify that the high speed cooling fan relay works and that power exits the CCRM on the Brown/Orange (BR/OR) wires that feed the cooling fan, ground the Light Green/Purple (LG/PR) wire at PCM pin 46. The #5 fuse which is the fan fuse just pry up and out if you think that is you issue.

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Block Image

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Just put a new Temperature sender on it


Okay so new sensor and still not working? I did not see that part in your original question. What else did you do to try to fix this?


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