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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Mini 3 is the successor to the iPad Mini Retina (now known as the iPad mini 2).

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What temp should I set soldering on for soldering power flex to board

im just beginning to start attempting ipad charging flex repairs. What temperature should i set soldering iron to solder flex to motherbaord. Many thanks, Gary.

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Temperature settings are pretty unique to each, not to mention that each station has it’s own ability (or not ;-) to deliver precise and constant temperatures. Despite that, there are some general guidelines most techs follow. The goal is to get the component to a temperature that allows the solder to flow. Some techs like to use a lower temperature and go slowly, others like to get it up to temp quickly. Ideally, you get just the component you want to flow and leave everything else just below that temperature.

Personally, I set my hot air station (Hakko) and Soldering Station (also Hakko) to 380C and eyeball it from there. I will lower the temp if I’m working on underfill, or lower melting point solders (iPhone X interposer). Don’t forget…lots of flux and keep an eye out for the surrounding components.

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Thanks. Ive just bought a beginners soldering iron ,(Preciva Soldering Iron Station, 60W Professional Digital Soldering Station, 90-480℃), so as ive never really soldered, i had no idea of safe temp settings.


It was interesting to read and learn, discovering new things. Of course, the temperature can be different in each case, and it also depends on the model of your soldering iron. On average, it ranges from 100 to 250 degrees. I've worked with this subject several times before so that you can trust my opinion. Any good quality parts(https://automationwebstore.com/allen-bra...) are worth fixing with the utmost care, so research as much information as you can about the tool you're working with and email me for more details. I'd be happy to help you out!


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