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Ryobi P271 drill has no cords, ONE+ 18V system and can be used in a number of different drilling and driving applications; and is compatible with a number of batteries. The drill has a heavy-duty motor and has different speeds and torque which operates automatically. With 2-speed gearbox and 24-position clutch it offers versatile operations as well as flexible applications. Additionally it has a MagTray magnetic holder which helps keep all the screws and bits handy and in place while working.

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Need a diagram for a Ryobi BCL14181H charger to try and identiy

Diode is marked D1 , condenser C3 , IC1 in circuit board

Block Image

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Is the marking totally unreadable on the top of the IC?


I think you need some schematics on this, but judging from this picture, i think you need to use IPA to clean up those oxidation.

R3 and R4 SMD looks bad, i will change those if i know the values.

Check for the IC if it is shorted too.


update, something interesting based on a search from past,

Why doesn't my charger work?

please read more


It is bad, hard to arrange components for replacement. Solution I found a new


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Some of the components seem to be damaged

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