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Apple выпустила смартфон 4 ноября 2017 года в двух различных конфигурациях: A1865, A1901 и дала название iPhone X. Доступны варианты с разными стандартами мобильной связи: GSM или CDMA; с двумя объемами хранилища: 64 или 256 Гб; двумя различными оттенками корпуса: серебристый и Space Gray.

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Does anyone have information about LEEVEE battery replacement?

Does anyone have information about LEEVEE battery replacement? Any insight is greatly appreciated. If there are pros or cons, pease express…thank you!!!

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Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. After going through that thread, I think your answer best summarizes it all. Would you happen to know of a true reliable high capacity battery replacement? If price wasnt so much an issue, can you recommend any really good ones? or is there a best one right now on the market. I really appreciate it.


MobileSentrix and InjuredGadgets have invested a lot of time and money producing quality aftermarket batteries. They also sell some higher capacity batteries but as you saw in the linked thread, the results weren't conclusive.

iFixit also has an excellent reputation for their batteries and really stand behind their products.


For the XCap battery, I'm a little confused. On the box it says 2900 MAH. On the battery it says 2720. Then in the string of messages you guys were talking about 3300. Sorry to bug you on this but if you can shed any light I would greatly appreciate it!


In the linked Q&A, the OP was asking about an iPhone 7P XCAP battery, which is rated at 3300mAh. As to why the InjuredGadgets product listing for the iPhone X shows different ratings, you'd have to ask them.


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It’s just a generic Chines battery reseller.

While battery quality is much better today than it was a few years ago, you always have to be careful when purchasing parts from generic vendors. They may be good or even great on occasion but generally they are just…generic. You have to be a bit wary about excessive claims of battery capacity as it is easy to print a number on the wrapper. A few reputable vendors have been working on higher capacity batteries; there was a discussion on this a while back (Opinions What do you guys think of extended capacity batteries).

The thing most people don’t understand about aftermarket parts for smartphones is that everything that gets manufactured in China gets resold by someone to someone else. Nothing is thrown out. So the top vendors or resellers who have a presence in China do vigorous QC testing and buy the best lots (and sell them at a higher price point). As the lot quality goes down, lower cost vendors pick them and sell them at a lower price point.

Stuff that is bottom-dollar cheap is almost certainly bottom-of-the-barrel quality. In general , let price be your guide.

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