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Need outboard boat motor repair?

Need to do maintenance on my 150 Yamaha Outboard motor? No manuals to do these repair or no way to do repairs up to having a Schooled Technician.

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Ronnie Reed give us a complete model number etc. and let's see what we can come up with. something like LF150 etc. otherwise it is very difficult to assist you with this.


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If you need a repair, tell us what isn’t working. If you are doing maintenence, about the only routine maintenence on these is to change the oil and oil filter and replace the gear lube in the lower unit. Old Turkey is right about needing the numbers off the engine. There should be a sticker on the outside of the motor below the engine with this info.

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I need to know start to finish how to put my 1996 50hp johnson outboard in time. It's J5OTLEDS

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