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iPhone battery not showing after replacement, plus one more

After replacing my battery, it was working fine for weeks. But suddenly, my phone started rebooting with the battery percent not showing and the battery indicator being red and low at the beginning of the restart. After that, my phone works fine. Once i opened it back up and re-seated the battery cables the battery percentage never came back and the phone acts like it’s nearly dead, despite the near 100% charge on the phone. Any suggestions?

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There are some tiny components next to the battery connector that allow the battery to communicate with the CPU about charge level. When these are accidentally dislodged during a repair, it will cause these exact symptoms.

I would open up the phone and closely inspect this area because they may have been partially damaged or dislodged during the repair and only came fully disconnected recently following a drop, for example.

Check the components highlighted in red in the picture below.

Block Image

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From what i'm able to see with my bare eye, i dont see anything where R3201 should be. Is there supposed to be something there? And if so are there ways i can get it replaced or fixed?


It should definitely be there. Bare eyes may not suffice, especially if you're no longer 25 years old ;-). Use a magnifying lens or jeweller's loupe (or your camera zoom) to see if it is there or not.


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I am having the same issue with 5 times magnifier i dont see any components that are missing. any other possible issues

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