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Graphic Faulty on MBP 15" Core 2 Duo A1211 model

Firstly, one day, while using my MBP 5 years old plus with dead battery only plugged with power cable and listening to music on youtube and on the same time doing my design job... Suddenly it was freeze and the display on my screen going like been hacked by the radio robot from transformers movie... But i still can listen to the streaming music... then I hold the power button to force switch off and on restarting the MBP again all chimes sounds ok and only my apple logo have checkers-graphic-like pink and grey... As it log in to desktop cursor not moving while all my screen distort just like "the-transformers-hacked-like-graphic-birszzttt"

here a link to picture of my MBP


Can you tell me which part can i fix this problem?

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This looks like a classic GPU failure. Please check your model number and give us the last three figures of your serial number for positive identification. This issue has mainly been seen with the Nvidia 8600 GPU and Apple has been giving free logic board replacements but it was not on the A1211 models. So please check and let us know. Also hook it up to an external monitor and see if the problem persists and tell us.

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The last three figures are: X92



Apple should still fix this machine as it is a late 2007:

Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 15" (SR) Specs

Identifiers: Mid/Late 2007, 2.4/2.2GHz* - MA896LL - MacBookPro3,1 - A1226 - 2136



Do you mean apple gonna fix this for free?

I start giving up mine since i tot my MBP has reach his age... Its like 5 years...


the 2.2 GHz have just passed the four year mark this summer. Although Apple CAN deny it, generally they are still fixing them for free (they did for me last month). This may also be in the way you talked to them. It helps if you've kissed the Blarney stone. http://www.blarneycastle.ie/pages/kiss-t...


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Take out your Mobo and bake it at 375 for 7.5 minutes.

That will reball your v-chip. Works every time while saving $.


Make foil posts.

Elevate the mobo above cookie sheet.

Make sure you pre-heat to 375.

Bake for 7.5 mins.

Remove ALL plastic bits, the two guides on the back of mobo

and the sticky cover on the little chips near the processor.

Bake it.

Let it return to room temp.

Before reinstalling your mobo, clean the huge amount of dust out of the heat sink/fan area.

This is usually where the problem begins and MUST be cleaned.


Answer submitted with baked Macbook Pro 1211.

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In a regular oven? The heat will not be applied evenly. Just curious, how are you mounting it in the oven so that the board is not touching metal and getting melted in the process?



Macbooks have a graphics card failure http://www.apple.com/support/macbookpro-...

DO NOT PUT YOUR MOTHERBOARD INTO AN OVEN. I am a computer engineer...


While it did sound slightly risky, I had nothing to lose as the A1211 board was effectively useless. I had reached the point that I was going to throw the MBP away (after taking the PC apart multiple times and ensuring that it was fully cleaned and well Arctic-Silvered). I researched BGA reflowing and could not find anything wrong with geoheenalu's advice. I followed the updated instructions in a regular non-convection electric oven using a double walled cookie sheet placed mid-oven to even out the heat input. I did have one small incident where one of the foil posts tumbled over during the heating and the board almost fell (but luckily didn't) onto the cookie sheet. After the 7.5 minutes, I turned off the oven and partially opened the oven door by about 3 inches to let it cool. I wasn't expecting much. However after putting it all back together, I now had a fully working, though very old, MBP. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Thank you geoheenalu and ifixit.


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I got a "borken Macbook Pro with the exact same graphics issue. I had it in the box until yesterday when i finally wanted to put it onebay to sell it for a little money at least but I really wanted to try again to fix it.....


I decided to test the NVRAM / PRAM Reset command:


I was completely freaked, because after the reset the Macbook booted normally and came back to life!!!

I don't know if this will fix this issue for everybody but for me it did....

Ironically after this procedure my Trackpad and Keyboard don't work anymore and i have to use external Keyboard/mouse. It's all really weird, cause when resetting the RAM my keyboard must have still worked.....

Oh well... hope this will help some people with their graphics issue....

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Hi. I know it’s an antique, but I still use one of these A1211 2006 MBP 2.33s for browsing. Now it’s doing exactly what Amin described and showed. I’ve followed some of the advice on reflowing and it actually worked — for a short time. I did it several times and the screen would return to normal for a short time and then start scrambling again. Now it doesn’t want to respond to the reflowing procedure at all.

I attached an external monitor and the problem was still there.

Any advice about this? Can I replace the GPU? Would it be worth it?

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