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My MacBook Pro’s battery is swollen and it don’t turn on nor charge?

It’s 13 inch early 2015.

I found my MacBook dead suddenly . Later I opened it up but found that the battery is swollen and after that I tried to unplug the battery and turn on the Mac using AC POWER but it didn’t turn on?

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First and foremost, you need to replace the battery. Be careful with this as the batteries on the 2015 pros are adhered in and are a pain to remove. I recommend liberal amounts of 99%ipa. Second. Make sure you have the proper voltage adapter. If you have an undervolted adapter it will not provide enough power. I also recommend using an OEM adapter.

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I am not sure if the issue is only related to the battery or the board? I tried to turn it on with AC power supply but it did not work.


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