Display works but touchscreen stops working after being inserted

Hi, I broke the display doing a battery replacement on my Pixel. After replacing the battery and connecting the new display, it either doesn’t work until I reseat the connector (or sometimes all connectors), stops working after a while even sitting outside the phone, or stops working when I install it with adhesive. The system also reboots constantly about 25% of the times that the touchscreen stops. Phone is otherwise responsive and can be unlocked with fingerprint. I’m not sure if the display is faulty or if it’s something I’m doing wrong. The touchscreen generally stops working when I put pressure on the bottom half of the screen to install it. Then I can sometimes reseat the display connector and it will work, but other times I need to reseat all of the motherboard connectors too. Rebooting has fixed the issue a couple of times but I’m not sure if something moved slightly when I rebooted it to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated, I’m hoping it’s just a faulty display and I can replace it because I have no idea what the problem could be otherwise.

I should also mention that I’ve factory reset the phone and the issue persists, and that from what I can see all of the pins are fine, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t after the amount of times I’ve connected the display. It also seems to have lost the ability to fast charge if that’s relevant.


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