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Repair information for the Samsung Gear Icon X SM-R150 wireless earbuds.

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Left Driver got broken when I was cleaning the ear tips

I was cleaning out the ear tips of my icon x and then the toothpick that i was using punched a hole in the driver. I would like to be able to tear these down and replace the driver, but if that isn’t possible, thats ok.

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Did you punch the driver itself or the protective mesh? There is a big difference. In case you pushed the mesh in the tip of the buds, I would recommend leave it as is. If you pushed the driver I would recommend the same. You are working with tiny, expensive and fragile components. In first place the earbuds are not meant to be resealed so you will never get them to be as they are now. The actual replacement of the driver itself is also a very hard task. If you can come across cheap old broken or used once, it might be a fun learning experience to interchange the component but don’t expect them to come out as they used to be or even working at all.

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