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Broken electronics ID question

I bought this off of a guy who said it was working then stopped. This part on the PCB is damaged. I need to know what it is so I can replace it. I do have the skills and tools to replace it.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi Joshua Powell

That is an inductor, i cannot see the values well in your picture.

e,g. you can can search in electronics component stores, like element14, digikey, etc e.g. value, 1R0 inductor.

else you also can get from aliexpress, ebay, etc

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thanks! i was looking but needed a second opinion before i did anything else.


Hi Joshua

No worries, you are welcome. the inductor is cracked.

try replacing and see if it works!


the inductor has 280 or something like that printed on it


@Joshua Powell that number is actually pretty important. It shows how many Henries your inductor is rated for. Three digit values are in nano Henries or micro Henries depending on manufacturers choice. The first 2 digits are the value and the 3rd digit is the multiplier. If yours shows 280 that means it has an inductance of 28 µH (28x0=28)


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