How do I fix a sunken in lock button?

Hello everyone! My girlfriend recently came across an annoying problem with an iPod Touch I gave her. The lock button appears to have sunken in, and is now flush with the frame of the iPod. She told me that it was sticky before it finally sunk. I know how to take the front panel off the iPod, and I have tried to pry the switch out without opening it. Do I need a new switch? Or do I need to pop it open and push the switch up?

Sorry for the wall of text. Thank you!

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If it's like the 2nd gen touch then the switch is held in place by two screws. You'll have to take the top circuit board off to get at those screws. You may even have to take out the LCD panel if there's not enough room. If one of those screws did come out it's a good idea to get the ipod open ASAP as that screw could cause an electrical bridge and short out a board.

here's how to get that top board out.

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Ok, thanks alot. I'll get on this as soon as I possibly can. I'll keep you posted on the results


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remove the glass by prying it up with a plastic tool, 4 clicks on left and right, one on top, 2 on bottom, careful not to crack it, before lifting it up, unplug the cable in the top left. you can unscrew it from there and adjust it. then screw it back in

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