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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Mini 3 is the successor to the iPad Mini Retina (now known as the iPad mini 2).

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What is causing my ipad mini replacement LCD to randomly act up

As you may have read in my previous post, my iPad lcd was broken and acted up with lines and dead pixels after a hard impact. I replaced the lcd soon after. A month after replacing the display, the lcd was filled with lines though I didn't drop the iPad or put it in liquid. It happened suddenly and without warning except for the screen being usually white on the right side. That took me by surprise. It got better for a minute and suddenly returned to being filled with lcd lines. Then after a while, it got better temporarily and i had some time to go make a backup. Then it got unusable with lines again. I noticed the lines got worse and a huge white spot with a surrounding white area appeared over the lines. What should I do to repair my ipad. And is this a sign that my screen is faulty? Please help

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I would suspect there is something up where the LCD connects to the logic board, or the LCD cable itself. They can disconnect or become damaged easily while replacing a display. Inspect the cables and connectors for any damage. If you can, give the connectors and cables a little wiggle with the ipad apart and see if the screen responds to it.

To me it doesn’t certainly seem like a bad display or logic board yet! The connector could have just come loose from the board

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well, it probably is a display issue because I tried slapping the back and that didn't work. I also didn't drop it or do anything that could have knocked the cables loose. Besides that, it was a severe case of lines that i have seen with broken lcds. I also do remember putting the shields for the cables back. Which is supposed to keep the cables from detaching. Plus there is a weird white marking on the screen. The things that happened do seem like lcd damage and i also remember the lcd backlight was whiter on the left. Therefore to me it looks like the lcd is defective.


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