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Repair information for the Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboard. First available on Amazon in 2011. Model numbers: 920-002912 (Windows), 920-003472 (Mac).

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How are the plastic parts under the spacebar arranged?

I cleaned under the spacebar but can’t properly snap it back into place. There are four black plastic rectangles that must be positioned correctly for it to snap back. I’ve tried several arrangements for the rectangles but can’t find the correct one. Logitech won’t publish a simple picture of the proper configuration. Is anyone else able to show or describe the proper configuration of these small plastic rectangles under the spacebar?

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In all this time I hope you’ve been able to solve it, answering for anyone to come, but let me know, I could lift one and send pics!

I have two of them, I’ve done it once with one after liquid spill (not mine, JIC) to give it a good clean and if IRRC there’s one way the plastic tabs fall flat and other where they stick up. In that position the space bar should click right in. I don’t remember if I fitted the tabs on the keyboard or in the key first, only one of those worked. Try dissembling another key to check, as I remember small keys being similar but easier.


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Thanks for this. I’d still like to fix this, and haven’t yet been able to do it (bought replacement). Pics would help. I don’t think other keys are the same as space bar on this, but if you say so…

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