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Why is the analog stick jittery, erratic, or jumpy?

I purchased 3 of these controllers and all 3 have trouble with a jittery right analog stick

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If you are using a tool like this https://gamepad-tester.com/ and notice that one of the joysticks/analog sticks are moving erratically, here is what I did to solve the problem:

  1. Take the controller apart (completely remove the board from both shells)
  2. Remove the plastic part of the analog stick (it slides right off by pulling it up)
  3. Pour/squirt isopropyl alcohol into the analog assembly, and wiggle the metal stick around to work it around the inside.
  4. Let dry for a moment, plug the board in, and test. If the erratic behavior is resolved, go ahead and reassemble the controller, if not, unplug the controller, repeat step 3, and try again.

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I tried this on my PDP Xbox One controller that had a jittery left analog stick (the potentiometer for up/down would jitter down erratically with the slightest pressure in the up direction). At first it didn't work, but then I slightly cracked open the white cover of the potentiometer from the top by pressing in the little clips on its sides and using my fingernail to crack it open from the top so the wires were showing, then wash with automotive degreaser, blow with compressed air = jitter completely fixed!


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