A film and slide scanner from Nikon identifiable by the model number LS-40 ED.

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Anyone know how to open this up for cleaning?

I have a Coolscan IV slide/negative scanner and would like to clean it. There is gobs of dust on the element. Can't really just get in there with an air can.

There are screws holding the steel shrouding on the back, but I cannot seem to get the plastic front plate off. Not sure if it should pop off, or if there are other connectors.

I would appreciate help here.

Many thanks!

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If you check on the link I sent you, it says "To get the front faceplate off, use a flat screwdriver to gently pry the tab away from the chassis"


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jmmx, check on here it should show you how to do it....Good Luck

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This is great. I guess I will give it a try. I received a quote of $40-90. I am sure it would wind up closer to the high end.

Many thanks!


Wow that seems steep. Looks like you could do most of it by yourself. Just take your time and keep it clean ;-) Save some money....


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