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Valve Steam Controller, released November 10th 2015. Model 1001.

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Tiny little spring came out when disassembling.

When I took out the motherboard from the front plastic shell a tiny spring just a bit bigger than half a centimeter popped out. Now upon reassembly I’m stumped where it goes. Any ideas? Thank you!

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You can actually see the screw near the base of the controller down by the little back lid remover but this is still there so I'm not sure... will look more


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yup... it is the spring for the belly panel. for the little slide switch underneath to release the plate to put batteries in.. it sits loose with little plastic slide lever in its position if controller is upside down , then as the bottom half of the chassis is lowered down onto the top half, if done carefully, will set snuggly into position and neatly trap the spring and slide lever piece in position between the two chassis halves (which must be secured together by the appropriate screws before flipping the controller upside-right)

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